Third Day Red-Eye Gravy?

Chef Erik Hoover at Cockeye BBQ in Warren, Ohio contacted us and asked about doing a red-eye gravy using Third Day Coffee.  Of course we said yes!  How exciting to be part of a local shop, with locally sourced ingredients! 

Chef Eirk and his wife Stacey own and operate Cockeye BBQ in Warren, OH and has been voted some of THE BEST BBQ in the area on several levels.  They have always been about authentic barbecue and they do not cut corners.  All of their meats are cooked on premise to perfection.  We highly recommend Cockeye BBQ and encourage everyone to go out and try this deep fried chicken breast on a scratch made biscuit smothered in red-eye gravy!  Hurry before its gone!

Save room!  After all the BBQ goodness, don't forget the desert.  Cockeye Creamery is located right next door and is owned and operated by Eirk and Staceys son, Max.  Cockeye Creamery is Ice Cream Done Right.  All of their items are made on site and again, locally sourced ingredients.  They always have the normal flavors like Blackberry Chocolate Chunk, Buttermilk Pie, French Vanilla Bean, and more, but they also have seasonal items like Blueberry Scone, Pumqueen, and Kong just to name a few.  Be sure to ask for an affogato, which is Third Day Coffee's Costa Rica Espresso over your ice cream!  Is your mouth watering yet?

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