Third Day Coffee Roasters featured in Roundtrip's Customer Profiles Blog

Third Day Coffee was honored to find the software vendor we use to schedule and deliver our local delivery business featured us in their Customer Profile Blog section of their website.  

In November 2022, all Shopify vendors were notified that Shopify was no longer going to work on their Local Delivery section of their website.  For us, this meant we needed to find a solution for a potentially serious problem.  Free local delivery accounts for around 65% of Third Day Coffee's business.  Moving forward with no local delivery or scheduling software made all our local deliveries would now be a manual process opening up all sorts of errors that could negatively affect our business, but more important effecting our customers. We set out to find a new third party application with an API integration to our online store. 

With a quick search on the Shopfiy app store we found a lot of options to help with Local Delivery, but we needed some specific custom items for coffee delivery.  Something we could tailor the workflow and still be cost effective...  We found EasyRoutes!

EasyRoutes has solved all of our issues we had previously and made is so much easier to schedule, update waypoints, edit, re-order stops and execute. EasyRoutes also brings to the table a very robust mobile app for iPhone and Android that allows live changes and updates to scheduled deliveries also providing notifications and updates to our customers. 

EasyRoutes easily fixed all of our problems, but additionally made us more productive, efficient and more professional.  Bottom line, EasyRoutes streamlined our local delivery business and at the same time provides a better service for our customers. 

Feel free to stop by Roundtrip's website to check out their amazing applications as well as Third Day's story.  You can view it here.



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