Third Day Coffee Roasters now served at Grace Fellowship Church

Grace Fellowship Church now has a complete brand new look and feel, same church, same people, but now in a new building.  Their original location was located next to Kohls in the plaza of the Eastwood Mall complex. 

In the fall of 2018, Grace Church was notified that their lease was ending and would not be renewed.  Due to business decisions there was another company to occupy the building.  For the next two years Grace Church met at LaBrae High School for services in Leavittsburg, Ohio, about 12 miles from their previous location.  During that time, they purchased an old rundown property in Niles, OH located at 325 Youngstown Warren Road.  That building was the old McMenamy's Banquet Center and had not been occupied for quite some time.  Grace Church would have to almost do a complete renovation of the entire building to make it into a church.   They left the outer walls, raising the roof 20+ feet in the center of the building to create the main sanctuary, meeting rooms for youth, offices for staff and a beautiful new welcome area and cafe.  After two years and a lot of hard work, Grace Church is proud to say they have a beautiful brand new church to congregate in.  

So you are saying to yourself, what does this have to do with coffee?  Glad you asked. 

While in the original Eastwood Mall complex, they operated a small cafe that served coffee, tea, other beverages and some pastries.  The new building has a brand new upgraded cafe and will be offering the same items, but at a whole new level.   All of the proceeds from the cafe go to Missions and the workers are volunteers.  Grace Church contacted Third Day Coffee Roasters and asked if we would be interested in supplying their Selah Cafe with fresh roasted coffee, and of course, we said yes!  We are excited to partner with Grace Church and supply them with our Black Lab Espresso, Costa Rica Terrazu and Mexico Organic Decaf.   

In the near future, Grace Church and Third Day Coffee Roasters will offer a coffee of the month.  We plan to educate people on the origin of the coffee, where it's from, as well the culture of the region.  This is going to be a great adventure and we are so happy to be a part of such a beautiful organization.

Grace Fellowship Church is located at 325 Youngstown Warren Road in Niles Ohio.  Services are Saturday at 5 pm, and Sunday at 10 am.  Stop in and see the beautiful new facility, have a cup of some really good coffee, meet some really great people and enjoy the service.  

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