Sumatra Aceh
Sumatra Aceh
Sumatra Aceh

Sumatra Aceh

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Fair Trade Certified - Organic

Sumatra Aceh FTO

Deep and pungently spicy in the aroma with papaya and chocolate notes. In the cup medium-bodied, richly low-toned, and complexly fruity: papaya and black cherry with a dry chocolate edge. Darkly sweet and smoky in the aftertaste, boasting soft acidity that bring balance and liveliness. Sumatra Aceh coffee truly embodies the flavors of the Sumatran Highlands.

Roasted to Full City+ (Dark)

Notes: Papaya, Chocolate, Black Cherry, Tobacco
Region: Northeast corner of Aceh (ah-chay) Indonesia, Sumatra
Altitude: 1700 - 2200 m
Varietal: Bourbon, catimor, ateng
Process: Washed and Natural, Sun Dried on shaded raised bed

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